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  How to order & terms of trading
  You can buy many selected items online, or, if you cannot see a particular shell you'd like, please e mail, fax or phone with your enquiries. We can advise availability, etc, and also discuss methods of carriage to you to be used. We can also supply e mailed photos of any shells in stock that you ask about.  
  Payment is required at the time of ordering. You can only pay via Paypal with our online shop, otherwise please phone and use your credit/debit card as you wish (not Amex). Online bank transfers and posted cheques are also accepted.  
  Postage/carriage & packing charges:  
  We ship world-wide. We usually use postal services for most items, although larger, bulk orders can be sent by carriers (NTL,etc) or courier for rush jobs. Costs vary depending on size and weight of packages/parcels and will be quoted according to your individual order. We use strong materials and pride ourselves in a reliable mail-order service with little or no damage reported in many years of careful and sensible packing and sending.  
  Damaged goods/refunds:  
  Cost of shells that arrive damaged will be refunded, or alternatives sent as long as we are notified within 7 days. You may return 'unsuitable' items and have replacements sent at your cost.  
  We do not normally hire shells, but occasionally, very obscure or one-off items can be hired. We require a full value deposit to cover loss/damage,etc.  
  Minimum mail order value is £7.50 (UK) or £10 overseas plus postage/carriage and packing costs.

All descriptions of natural of natural goods are an outline only – sizes, colours and general condition always vary – even photos aren't 100% true to the original. However, we try to be as accurate as possible.


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